The province of Granada provides a great variety of wines. Near sa mayma, between Sierra Nevada’s southern slope in La Alpujarra and the Mediterranean Sea, is the Contraviesa mountain range. This region benefits from a microclimate with humid winds from the Mediterranean Sea and dry soil in which high altitude vineyards grow at up to 1,300 metres of altitude on the steep slopes of Alpujarra-Contraviesa.

In the Lecrin Valley region and in the north of Granada, we also have wineries close by that you will be able to visit.

Fontedei Wineries

A firm commitment to special, quality wines that surprise the consumer.

Muñana Wineries

It is not just wine, it is an experience and a way of life. The altitude of Sierra Nevada, the purity of its waters and the aging in caves make it unique.

Barranco Oscuro

Pioneer winery in the production of natural wines and one of the highest in Europe.

Señorio de Nevada

During your visit to the Señorío de Nevada winery you will have the opportunity to know how to make some of the most prestigious wines of Granada.

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