Located in a breath-taking setting in the Lecrin Valley


A Granada village in the Lecrin Valley region, Nigüelas is also known as “the Valley’s balcony”. The village, at 931m of altitude, is situated on the right bank of the Torrente River at the foot of El Zahor mountain.


The Lecrin Valley is an exceptional place where one can experience all climates – Subtropical climate to the south, near the Tropical Coast; mild climate in the centre, where orange and lemon trees are cultivated; Mediterranean climate in the north; humid climate near La Laguna; cold and Nordic climate on the southern region of the Sierra Nevada mountains.


At the foot of its towering Alhambra, the city of Granada offers travellers a place full of life, art and culture. The former Nasrid capital constitutes an attractive tourist destination due to its monuments and proximity to the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, La Alpujarra’s valleys and cliffs, and the popular Tropical Coast.


Granada’s Tropical Coast offers dozens of beaches and small coves of crystalline waters, 320 sunny days a year, and an average annual temperature of 20 °C. This is the identity of the Tropical Coast, the 73 kilometres of Granada Province coastline.


Only 15 kilometres away from sa mayma is La Alpujarra, a high mountain region located on Sierra Nevada’s southern slope.

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