The Lecrin Valley is an exceptional place where one can experience all climates – Subtropical climate to the south, near the Tropical Coast; mild climate in the centre, where orange and lemon trees are cultivated; Mediterranean climate in the north; humid climate near La Laguna; cold and Nordic climate on the southern region of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Its climate, and the abundance of water and sun, make this area an ideal place to live or enjoy a few days of relaxation. There are numerous places to visit: waterfalls, gorges, small lakes, reservoirs, iconic bridges, rivers, forests, meadows, ancient irrigation canals, snow-capped peaks, and much more. Discover the many routes that the Valley has to offer and enjoy a great diversity of birds, flowers, trees and many other types of plants. The Valley offers varied cuisine, which is influenced by its Mozarabic history and is especially exquisite in this area due to the richness of its agriculture.

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